AWS CloudTrail

AWS CloudTrail is a web service that records AWS API calls for your account and delivers log files to you. The recorded information includes the identity of the API caller, the time of the API call, the source IP address of the API caller, the request parameters, and the response elements returned by the AWS service.nWith CloudTrail, you can get a history of AWS API calls for your account, including API calls made via the AWS Management Console, AWS SDKs, command line tools, and higher-level AWS services (such as AWS CloudFormation). The AWS API call history produced by CloudTrail enables security analysis, resource change tracking, and compliance auditing.


API Paths

Add Tags (GET) /?Action=AddTags OpenAPI
Create Trail (GET) /?Action=CreateTrail OpenAPI
Delete Trail (GET) /?Action=DeleteTrail OpenAPI
Describe Trails (GET) /?Action=DescribeTrails OpenAPI
Get Event Selectors (GET) /?Action=GetEventSelectors OpenAPI
Get Trail Status (GET) /?Action=GetTrailStatus OpenAPI
List Public Keys (GET) /?Action=ListPublicKeys OpenAPI
List Tags (GET) /?Action=ListTags OpenAPI
Lookup Events (GET) /?Action=LookupEvents OpenAPI
Put Event Selectors (GET) /?Action=PutEventSelectors OpenAPI
Remove Tags (GET) /?Action=RemoveTags OpenAPI
Start Logging (GET) /?Action=StartLogging OpenAPI
Stop Logging (GET) /?Action=StopLogging OpenAPI
Update Trail (GET) /?Action=UpdateTrail OpenAPI